The DA LAB Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, and depends on grants from municipal and state programs and donations from the public to support its mission and activities. Please consider supporting the essential work of the DA LAB Foundation.

All donations are an investment into the success of DA LAB Foundation's mission and activities, such as:



  • Acquisition of by emerging and established artists;

  • The ongoing availability of artists' work through the DA LAB Foundation's distribution program;

  • Upkeep and maintenance of DA LAB Foundation's extensive database and catalogue;

  • Preservation of unique digital art works of historical significance;

  • Publishing of exciting Box Sets and Compilations that focus on individual artists and themes;

  • Public Programs which serve to expand knowledge and understanding of the digital art form;

  • Commissioning of scholarly essays and texts that contextualize artists work and develop on topics and themes.


You can donate using the folowing bank coordinates:
IBAN: BG12RZBB91551009795173

Raiffeisen Bank
Bul. Vasil Levski, 126, Sofia


Also, show your love for DA LAB Foundation by purchasing a Tote Bag! 

Thank you for supporting the DA LAB Foundation and the artists we work with.